Desserts Anyone Waffles

13238889_10210134712750021_1703670611271229815_nIn this weather a warm waffles seem like a good idea and trust me they are worth it. This Sunday  at Parklands Sports Club ,instead of fruit skewers we sold fresh waffles with topping and of course our famous  Belgian chocolate to warm you up .

Well after doing abit more research i saw a lot of ways shapes and sizes of waffles but i wanted to know where they were first created.

waffles where first created in Belgian in the 13th century  but soon started to spread around the world with different variations coming up. Just like the waffle the toppings vary from country to country here are some of the most famous toppings :

  • butter
  • chocolate chips
  • assorted fruits
  • whipped cream
  • ice cream
  • syrups

Which is your favorite topping ??

In some Countries savory waffles have become the next greatest food trend eg. potato waffle, omelette waffles  etc.

Egg waffles which is a really famous breakfast alternative in Hong Kong and Macau either eaten plain or with chocolate , fruit or coconut.


Be sure to catch us every Sunday at Parklands Sports Club.


Is Dark Chocolate good for you ?


I read somewhere that its good for the heart. Doctors say an ounce of dark chocolate can help lower your LDL and raise your HDL reduces clotting and makes the arteries flexible and increases blood flow. Thats a big job for such a small amount of chocolate.

This is great for me who works at a chocolate dessert company. In an article in Prevention magazine, dark chocolate bars were ranked by heart healthiest, based on levels of flavanol, that magical property doing the trick.  Very exciting!

Here the thing we’ve all know chocolate is good for us , remember all those sad movies and reaching for that chocolate and suddenly felling better. Closer to home when you get heart broken one chocolate bar can lighten your spirits. Us chocolate lovers have known this for while and finally we have medical proof yay !!