Private Dessert Service

Have a special event (be it a birthday, wedding, anniversary, dinner party or just some special time with yourself)?

Looking for a centrepiece dessert item, one sure to generate a WOW + YUM factor from your guests? A rich experience? (You can taste, touch, smell, see and even hear our chocolate- unbelievably true!) Or a simple range of quality urban snacks?

Our dessert service offers a range of desserts including

  • Chocolate Fountains: choice of the finest Dark, Milk and White Belgian Chocolate by Barry Callebaut with up to 15 fruit dips and 5 Candy dips to choose from. Themed/coloured chocolate available at no extra cost.
  • Frozen Yogurt: choice of six probiotic frozen yogurt flavours full of sweetness and health.
  • Cotton Candy: classic cotton candy just the way we all like it!
  • Buttered Corn: a classic twist to Popcorn with our very own flavourings.
  • Dessert Service attendant(s).
  • A smile (well, those are actually free!)

We offer custom dessert/snack packages. Corporate packages available for the hospitality industry (Hotels/ Casinos/ Event Management Companies)

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Our unique retail models are sure to offer you more (value) for less (prices). How much of it do you want and at how much do you want it? Either way, visit our:

Pop-up Kiosks:

For the everyday chocolate and dessert lover, we are rolling out pop-up kiosks across Kenya where you may get a constant supply of our popular desserts including:

  • Fruit Chocolate Mshikakis (Kabobs)- design your own skewers made of fruit & candy dips, then run them through our Belgian Chocolate fountains.
  • Fruit Chocolate cups- fill 330ml, 470ml or 590 ml cups with your choice of unlimited dips and toppings and most importantly- unlimited Belgian chocolate. So, what’s your size?
  • Belgian Waffles- fluffy, buttery, sponge like? Sounds like your kind of Waffle?
  • French Crepes- also known as very thin pancakes. We make our crepes Belgian style to your preference. Do you like yours sweet or savoury? With fruit toppings or just Syrups? Tell us your style- and we’ll make it just the way you’ll love it!
  • Frozen Yogurt- okay, okay, not everyone loves chocolate- we know. How about Frozen Yogurt? We see we guessed right. Enjoy the full health benefits that our Frozen Yogurt has to offer- with our range of flavours full of probiotics, made of only the best dairy.
  • Chocolate Pizza- not made of a dough base though! Our signature Chocolate pizzas will leave you toothless (not literally, we hope). Especially enjoyed with a group of friends (or alone in your room if you really wanna treat yourself!)
  • Mimosas: alcoholic? Non-alcoholic? Our signature style mimosas are sure to quench your thirst as you while away in the sunset (or sunrise, whatever works best for you)

Chocolate Café & Lounge:

For our refined crowd of Chocolate lovers, our Chocolate Café & Lounge is designed just for you. Ever tried our Hot Belgian Chocolate? Or a Chocolate Cappuccino? A Chocolate Latte? Baileys served in Chocolate Shot glasses?

We are done tempting you. Our chocolate café & lounge is best suited for the urban dweller, looking for an enriching experience- good food, great wine & a renewing experience. Look out for our first Chocolate Café & Lounge in Kenya- coming soon!

Concessionary Stores:

Looking to contract a snacks and desserts brand for your establishment that serves the needs of your target market just right? Our concessionary stores product is best suited for family entertainment venues that look to maximise on client value within their premises. With a revenue-share model, our value proposition to you will be just right for your brand.


Our exclusive gift baskets are custom-made for individuals or corporates looking to make an impression on their recipient’s mind (and heart). Each of our Belgian Chocolate Boxes in these gift boxes is handcrafted and custom-made to your liking. What is a more special gift than one designed ESPECIALLY for someone?

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Equipment Supply

We provide quality domestic equipment- Home Chocolate Fountains, Cocktail Mixers, Waffle and Cupcake Makers. (Equipment suited for domestic use ONLY. Not suitable for commercial use). Contact us to get more information on equipment designed to make your kitchen just the place everybody (husband/wife/kids/neighbour…even your Mother-in-law!) wants to be.



We don’t exactly have cocoa farms in Kenya right? That doesn’t mean we can’t manufacture our own brand of leading confectionery products which include:

  1. Belgian Chocolate Shot glasses: our Belgian shot glasses offer a unique, edgy beverage presentation tool. Can also be used to present tempting desserts.
  2. Chocolate Dessert Spoons: tired of having to wash a spoon ever other time you eat? Why not just have an edible spoon that doubles up as a dessert once you are done (yum?)? Try our chocolate dessert spoons.
  3. Hot Belgian Chocolate Sticks: Have your Hot Drinking Chocolate the original way by using our Hot Belgian Chocolate Sticks (dark and milk flavours). Just put the stick in a cup, pour a full serving of hot milk, stir and top off with your favourite whipping cream.


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